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Furnace Pro 302

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Furnace Pro is the ultimate combination of warmth and flexibility utilising the furnace carbon internal thermal lining with engineered seam placement for maximum flexibility and warmth. Combined with our unique Drymax Zipperless entry system the Furnace Pro ticks all the box's for a high performance light weight wetsuit.


403 FULL FRIDGID 6°C - 11°C / 42°F - 52°F
302 FULL COLD 11°C - 17°C / 52°F - 62°F
202 FULL COOL 15°C - 20°C / 59°F - 68°F
202 S/S FULL COOL 16°C - 19°C / 51°F - 66°F

Furnace Pro

  • Furnace Carbon Lining
  • Drymax Zipper Entry
  • Light Weight High Stretch
  • Stitchless & GBS Sealed Seams

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