• Brinkley Davies, A Seaplane, Whitsundays and Summersite

Featuring: @Brinkleydavies and @davefrim
Photographer: @ming_nomchong_photo
Film and Edit: @ saltywings
Music: @jimmy2sox
Produced by Jon Laurenson @summersite
Location: @whitsundaysqld @queensland

We forget how stunning our backyard is and the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef is on top of the world for raw natural beauty. Flying into the Whitsundays is totally surreal. You can see almost all of the 74 archipelagos that make up the islands, the water is so clear and you can see all these little hidden gems of beaches. Water baby and marine biologist Brinkley Davies joined us for our Summersite Whitsunday Odyssey to dive the Barrier Reef and explore these "hidden gems” throughout the Whitsundays.