• Laura Enever and Felicity Palmeteer Talk SOUTHERN CALI Surf

Australian surfers Laura Enever and Felicity Palmeteer need no introduction. The two blonde babes have wrestled with some of the world’s biggest waves, have taken home mass prizes, and are rocking the women’s surf circuit. And the two are looking damn good doing it. Laura, a holistic lifestyle fan and Marine Stewardship Council ambassador, was the first woman to ever surf mega wave Cow Bombie. Felicity, the fashion forward femme and winner of the Rookie of the Year, is on par to take home major accolades in the coming years. And that’s just the beginning for these two.

We caught up Laura and Felicity in Malibu, California to talk shop and all things SoCal surf. Check the conversation out below.

Where did you grow up and how has that shaped who you are today?

Laura: I grew up in Narrabeen on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Surfing has always been a massive part of the culture around here which has definitely shaped who I am today. Living in Narrabeen is like being a part of one big surf family!

Felicity: I grew up in Western Australia. It's a wild, raw, natural place. So if I've been traveling constantly, I find myself yearning for a bit of a nature hit. Especially if I've been around some big cities. The sun sets over the ocean in West Australia, it's one of the things that makes it special for me. Down South, around Margaret River, gets a lot of swell so being comfortable in powerful, bigger waves is a necessity for any surfer living in the area. And that's good grounding, particularly if you want to make a career out of surfing!

How did you first get into surfing?

Felicity: My dad is the eternal grommet - he stills froths more than me when we go for a surf together. So he got me into it when I was about six. I have two younger brothers and I think he'd hope that they would take to surfing... One day he saw me down at the beach trying to stand up on a body board and he was like 'alright I better teach her'.

Laura: My dad has always surfed so I grew up at the beach with my family. He got me in to surfing with my older brother when I was 9 years old and once I was hooked I spent every spare moment at the beach!

What are your thoughts on Southern California surfing?

Laura: The surf culture in SoCal is so big and diverse. There is literally waves for anyone. I've been coming to California for years now and always have so much fun in the water.

Felicity: I admire the history of that stretch of coast - the 60s looked like the time to be there! Longboards, convertibles, great music - it looked like an incredible era to be a part of. I guess that's one reason why Malibu is still iconic - it retains that sense of past. It's also nice to see the coast open up once you head north of Malibu County line... really pretty.

Where is your favorite place to surf in SoCal?

Laura: I can't go past Trestles! It's such a fun wave... Malibu is so iconic and special but I'm not the best long-boarder haha.

Felicity: Lower Trestles! It’s pretty much a skatepark for surfing. It's really perfect, there's lefts and rights, perfect place to try new equipment because you can pretty much open up your entire repertoire on a good wave out there!

How do you prepare (mentally, physically, emotionally) for a big day of surfing?

Felicity: If it's for a competition, I have a pretty standard routine. Prepare my boards, get some snacks ready, plenty of water, get to the beach early, have a warm up surf and then get my body moving before the heat itself.

If it's a free surf, I have a fairly similar routine, but it's way more casual because you have the whole day ahead of you. Plus, I like surfing with one or two others - usually my boyfriend or dad or close friend.

Laura: My preparation really depends on what type of waves I'm surfing, but no matter what I'm always training and keeping my body strong to prevent injuries! When I'm in the water I just love to switch off and do what I love.... ride waves!!

Best post-surf eating spot in SoCal?

Felicity: Erewhon, off Abbot Kinney in Santa Monica. Hands down the best. It’s my favourite place - literally the best place I've been in the world for healthy foods. If you're into juices and smoothies, healthy tonics, fresh food - the variety is incredible.

Health and well being - this place is incredible.

I went there at least once a day every day when I was staying in Venice!

Laura: I absolutely love SUN LIFE up in Malibu... the smoothies are insane. Other than that, you can't go wrong with Mexican food in SoCal.

If you are just going to hang with friends for the day in LA, what would you do?

Laura: A day in LA would involve some vintage stores, good food, live music and checking out the night life.

Felicity: Go for a surf down at Trestles, go to Erewhon for refueling afterwards and then Venice boardwalk for a bit of people watching and to check out the sunset.

Favorite thing about LA?

Laura: The buzz! There is so much to see and do. So many Australians have moved to LA and I can see why. Always a good time!

Felicity: The pollution.

What does "A bikini kinda life" mean to you?

Felicity: Summer! Feeling confident! Friends! Good times!

Laura: Running around in the sun living your best life!!

Thanks Felicity and Laura, we’ll catch up with you soon!

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