• Presenting Isabella Nichols’ BELLA

From the soft shores of Iluka, AUS, to the cruel reef of Lakey Peak, ID, Isabella Nichols displays an outrageous level of quality surfing in her latest edit, simply titled BELLA.

Presented by Surf Dive ‘n Ski in conjunction with Billabong Womens, BELLA is the culmination of fun that Isabella partook in the later months of 2017. Working alongside Dan Scott, who she says is just “super easy to work with”, the latest edit takes us on a journey of Isabella at her best.

Isabella exhibits a relentless performance, from cutting lips to deep tube rides in some of the east coast’s most desirable spots. South Stradbroke Island is even graced with Isabella’s presence as BELLA captures her first ever visit to the wave.

With more projects on the horizon to go along with her hunt for more first place finishes at QS events, the now fulltime Gold Coaster has immersed herself in a training routine that has, if anything, only evolved her surfing; as is evident.

And yet, Isabella has found that it has helped her mentally above all. “I used to be really scattery and not performing as well as could of, I guess. But now I know what I’m doing, I’m a bit more settled” Isabella says.

With BELLA now in the world, we’re excited to see where it goes from here, for it’s plain to see it’s toward great things. Watch Isabella Nichols’ BELLA now.

Imagery and motion by Dan Scott.