• The North Shore Journal- Trials Day

The North Shore Journal- Trials Day

The morning started with everyone on red alert as Kam Highway filled with cars trying to find a spot for a massive day of surfing at the trials of the Billabong Pipe Masters in Memory of Andy Irons. With a 15-20 foot plus swell detonating on all three reefs at Pipe, it was a day where only the gutsiest of competitors would prevail.

Highlights began with Mason Ho nabbing a few nuggets in the second heat of the morning followed by Evan Valiere packing some giant barrels. Nathan Florence showed why he is one of the best backside tuberiders in the business with his casual no-handed backside attack, and Jack Robinson proved that he is by far the best teenaged surfer in heavy conditions on earth. Even San Clemente’s Griffin Colapinto went off with massive drops and a go-for-it attitude that saw him into the semifinals.

The swell maintained all day long with wild wipeouts, broken boards and some epic rides. By finals time only four men were standing: Mason Ho, Jack Robinson, Jamie O’Brien and Kekoa Cazimero. The 35-minute final saw crazy waves at the start with Jack Robinson getting a huge 9.43 high-line barrel that had the beach roaring. In the end, Jack came out on top with Jamie O'Brien coming in second. We'll see both compete in the Billabong Pipe Masters!

The main takeaway from today- every single one of these trials competitors charged beyond belief and we’re glad they made it back to the beach ok.

Tune in tomorrow for more as it looks as though conditions could be prime for another day of competition.