• Travel Diaries- Telos Islands

Not so long ago we (along with our friends at SurfStitch) took Ellie-Jean Coffey and her brother Jackson on a gala of a trip to Resort Latitude Zero on the Telo Islands. This escape from reality was called ‘Beauty in Isolation’. The cluster of islands are located on the western side of Sumatra (outer Indonesia) and sit pretty close to the equator. The team first arrived in Padang and from there jumped on a small 7-seater plane to then finally arrive in ‘Telo town’. There was a wealth of waves as this particular destination is renowned for being one of the most (if not THE most) consistent surf spots on the planet. People from around the globe trek to the Telos to shred, holiday and tonnes of photoshoots have taken place there (the place is positively picturesque).

Now not wanting to make you green with envy but their days looked a little like this…

“Each day we’d be up at sunrise, choose a boat (we fell in love with the lighter, faster ZERO 1, as it allowed us to park closer to the peak, and get to waves others couldn’t), pack the boat and head off. We’d go up to 100kms in any direction searching for the perfect wave, but sometimes the most perfect stuff would be right on our doorstep, a well-positioned resort. Some days we’d head south, some days we’d head north, but we were always searching for a NEW and BETTER wave than the day before. We surfed about 30 spots in the 10 days, each time more perfect than the last, and never with another SOUL in the water.”