When Laura Crane moved to the UK surfing hub of North Devon at the age of nine, she discovered a passion for surfing that would lead to her current position as one of the UK’s leading surfing talents. She has had considerable junior competitive success, notching two British titles, however her competition wins are just a small part of the overall picture. Photogenic and possessing a bright and bubbly personality, ever present smile and a love of life, Laura is also demand for her modeling work. This provides another creative outlet for the blond naturalfooter... Read More




    Croyde, UK
    Billabong, nixon, beauty uk ,boost buddy
    Favorite spot
    this is pretty hard but i think i can narrow it down to lackeys (sumbawa)
    Perfect day
    waking up to breakfast in bed (banana pancakes) and a cup of tea followed buy a surf in a fun left point brake in a bikini then a girly lunch with my buddies, some sunbathing, and shopping, the day that i can do that all in one day i'll be a happy girl.
    Date of birth
    Coolest place you've ever been
    jumping out of a plane over looking the north shore of OAHU, it was the most crazy moment of my life.
    Favorite food
    ice cream
    Kind of car
    i should probably say something vintage and cool but its for sure a bentley
    When not surfing, I'm
    modeling, or trying to get rid off my endless amount of energy in another way.
    When I was little I wanted to be
    hahah like every girl i wanted to be a fairy princess but i think my life exceeded that expectation (not saying i would turn it down)
    Word or phrase you overuse
    it changes on daily basis, (swaggy, rad, yeah dude, no way man)
    Secret obsession
    well to the people that no me its not much of a secret and my bank account knows about it for sure, SHOPPING!
    Best advice I've received
    when someone tells you you won't show them that you did.
    Could live anywhere, where?
    Australia, its like england but warm
    Favorite board at the moment
    I just got a new pink single fin from Rob Vaughn and its RAD
    First thing you pack for a trip
    after battling with my board back it has to be all my toiletries

    Twitter @laura_lou_crane