Style comes from a raw, natural part of a surfer in ways that make them unique.  Lauren Lindsey Hill is a surfer that exudes grace, humility, depth, fun and meaningful direction in all of her expressions.  Her style, in turn, gifts those same qualities to the surfing world in a way that is uniquely her own and a treasure for the art of riding waves.

After surfing for less than five years Lauren acquired a handful of competitive titles, including U.S. Women’s Amateur Longboard Champion in 2001. Upon graduating high school, Lauren was faced with the decision... Read More




    St. Augustine, Florida
    Major accomplishments
    2007 Season regular on HBO's John From Cincinnati
    Favorite surf spot...
    the pass
    Astrological sign...
    Coolest place you've ever been
    the ocean
    Perfect day
    All all day beach mission to a secluded slice of paradise with no one around
    Best night out outfit
    An easy, summery dress with my treasured Bahgsu raw crystal jewels.
    If I were an animal, I would be
    A sea otter.
    When I was little I wanted to be
    a marine biologist
    Secret talent is
    making vegan banana bread.
    Worst habit is
    just generally being unable to make plans because I love when life revolves around ocean conditions.
    Favorite book
    Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
    Guilty pleasure
    chocolate sorbet in a waffle cone.
    Secret obsession
    dates (the fruit) and TED talks.
    Songs on repeat right now
    I always find aural refuge in The Beatles
    When not surfing, I'm
    writing, growing food, exploring