Combining her love of art, music and surfing, Lindsay has made a life that represents the very creativity she exudes. From Satellite Beach, FL, this young and vibrant being continues to turn heads with everything she pours herself into. When she¹s not surfing, writing, modeling or creating for Billabong, Spy, Nixon, Lost and Taylor Guitars, she¹s usually building upon her biggest accomplishment to date, writing and recording her own original music with an album well under way. And to add to what is already an impressive resume, Lindsay has designed and... Read More




    Satellite Beach, FL
    Astrological sign
    Perfect day
    Every day is a perfect day, while alive! But if I could wish for anything in particular, it would be an early wake up, coffeeeee! Followed by some blog browsing, surf, hang at the beach until sunset, playing music & having snacks with friends.. Watch the sunset, come home, get ready and have dinner & wine with close friends.
    Coolest place you've ever been
    France, Italy and Newfoundland, Canada
    If I were an animal, I would be
    Definitely an elephant. They're so beautiful! I collect many random elephant oddities
    My secret talent is
    I can fast pitch softball.. Played for a long time while I was young & throughout middle/high school
    Secret obsession
    It's no secret, but definitely life.. growth, the secrets of the universe, love, art, music, passion, people, giving to others.
    When not surfing, I'm
    Creating in any form I can. (music, art, graphics, videos, writing, etc.)

    Twitter @lindsayperry