• Here a couple of surfs ive had around home.

    • Here is a video of me surfing Shipsterns with Kelly Slater, Mark Mathews, Marti Paradisis, Laurie Towner and heaps more!! Had the best time and got the barrel of my life infront of all my surfing heroes !! Yewwww :) Check it out !!! By: Riley Laing

    • Youthless

    • Bell Billabong Adventure



    North Entrance, Central Coast, NSW
    Billabong, Dakine, Dragon, Dylan Shapes & DHD Surfboards, Future Fins, Macbeth Footwear, Vertra, Aerial 7 headphones, Surfers Choice Surfshop, Chittaway Pharmacy.
    Favorite spot
    Pelo’s, The Channel, North Enny
    Favorite food
    Natural / regular
    Perfect day
    Wake up to perfect big barrels, go surfing with your mates and get big barrels all day from dawn to dusk.
    Major accomplishments
    Yougest kid to surf Shipsterns Bluff
    Coolest place you've ever been
    Indonesia cause of the culture, people and the surf.
    Perfect happiness
    Getting spat out of a big barrel and everybody seeing it!!
    Word or phrase you overuse
    IT'S PUMPING!!!!!
    Date of birth
    01/ 10 / 1998
    When I was little I wanted to be
    If I were an animal, I would be
    When not surfing, I'm
    Skating or Fishing
    Most treasured possession
    Family and Friends
    Living person you most admire
    Kelly Slater cause what he has achieved in his surfing career.
    Years surfing
    5 years.
    Favorite board at the moment
    8'0 Dylan Surfboard for Waimea and a 5'9 DX1 DHD Surfboard
    My motto is
    Have fun life's short.
    Greatest achievement
    Billabong Taj Small Fries 3rd, Rip Curl 1st, Rusty 4th
    My secret talent is
    Has not yet to be seen
    Favorite book
    Mick Fanning
    Secret obsession
    Surfboards & equipment.
    Guilty pleasure
    My worst habit is
    Kicking the skin off my toes.
    Favorite way to pass time on long flights
    Watch movies or edit surfing video's
    Songs on repeat right now
    Happiness by Faul
    Career highlights
    All my big wave surfing adventures and all my contest results.
    Favorite TV shows
    Family Guy
    Favorite apps
    Instagram, Snapchat and Surfline
    My Dad and Mum.
    Favorite movies
    DONE - John John Florence cause he does massive air and pulls into massive barrels.
    Favorite occupation
    Best night out outfit
    Don't have one.
    Greatest extravagance
    A airline ticket to somewhere you know your going to get big barrels or sick waves!!
    Come back in as your next life
    Who/What inspires you?
    Shane Dorian, Glen Hall and my family.
    Favorite surf spot
    Home, Indo, Hawaii and Shipsterns.
    If you could live in any other era it would be
    Home & Indonesia
    Best advice ever been given
    Go hard or go home.
    Astrological sign...
    Kind of car you drive?
    Push bike haha

    Twitter @@rileylaing